FIFA 14 update hits Xbox One

EA has released a new fifa coins update for the Xbox One version of the game.

Designed to resolve an issue where users are unfairly awarded a win or avoid a loss after disconnecting from FIFA Ultimate Team matches, the same FIFA 14 update was released for the PS4 version of the game on February 21.

EA said this week: “Our commitment to improve fifa ultimate team coins is ongoing, and regular feedback from our fans helps us prioritize and identify future improvements.

“Thanks for your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the EA Forums. We’ll continue to provide you with information through those channels as and when it becomes available.”

The next game in EA’s long-running football series, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, will launch exclusively on Xbox 360 and PS3 on April 15.

Explaining the decision not to release the title on Xbox One and PS4, an EA Sports spokesperson told CVG in February that the company’s goal was to “create a great game within our development resources that could reach as many people as possible”.

They added: “For our fans on the new generation of consoles and playing FIFA 14, we will have a range of engaging content, promotions and tournament within FIFA Ultimate Team so that those fans can experience the World Cup in unique and fun ways.”

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We present the fifa club edition 14

Electronic Arts announces fifa 14 coins incentives subject to the Edition Club of EA SPORTS FIFA 14 for PS3 and Xbox 360 among which are available with a metal box fut 14 coins editions of FC Barcelona, ??Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia CF, Sevilla FC and Real Betis

With the reservation will also have access to the following additional contended:

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team : A golden on FIFA Ultimate Team weekly for 24 weeks.
A variety of packs of unique items in the catalog of EA SPORTS FOOTBALL CLUB:
- Adidas Pack: Includes two pairs of boots, two balls and adidas All-Star Team consisting of Leo Messi and Gareth Bale, among others.

- Improvement Pro Pack : Receive five different improvements to increase your virtual player online mode.

- Pack of Celebration : immediately three celebrations Unlocks goal.

- Pack of historical Jerseys : Unlocks a selection of historical jerseys of the most important clubs in the world.

Metal Box Special Edition of one of these clubs: FC Barcelona, ??Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia CF, Sevilla FC and Real Betis.

The Club Edition of FIFA 14 will only be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for a suggested price of 81.99. The estimated value of extra content included in this issue is about 36 .

FIFA Ultimate Team is the popular game mode included in EA SPORTS FIFA that lets you create, manage and compete with your team of the best players in the world. Join the more than seven million fans worldwide and manages a staff of superstars with more than 3.4 million games played and 17 million signings made ??every day.

Experience the excitement of soccer with new options for creating plays from midfield and so make the most of the experience of scoring a goal. The new feature shot in Pure State along with physical new ball, make every shot on target a much more realistic experience. The online functions of the game ** connect directly to the heart of the sport through EA SPORTS Football Club , making EA SPORTS FIFA 14 * a social network where connecting football, compete and share your experiences with millions of players worldwide .

FIFA 14 will arrive in the next 12 months One Xbox and PlayStation 4 and September 26 to other platforms. reserve the game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in your local store, and the PC version on Origin . Also FIFA 14 will also be available for Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and Android devices.

Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale Day 3, FIFA 14 for Half Price

Today is Xbox 360 Fifa 14 Coins Ultimate Games Sale Day 3 and up until now, Microsoft has put up 29 top selling games on discounts of up to 93 percent with new games being added each day.

The daily list of games for the Buy Fifa 14 Coins third day was announced some time ago and guess what; it’s getting even better.

You now have a chance to grab titles like FIFA 14, Skyrim and Dead Island: Riptide for impressively low prices.

Pick of the list would be FIFA 14 for being the latest title in the list while games like Skyrim are a must have, unless you already have them.

Lastly, no one says no to a good zombie based game like Left 4 Dead or Dead Island: Riptide.

In total, seven games have been put on discount through the daily Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale today. The complete list has bigger names than before as you cans see below:

FIFA 14 – 50% off
Dead Island: Riptide – 50% off
Skyrim – 67% off
Left 4 Dead – 75% off
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – 67% off
Darksiders – 75% off
Bejeweled 3 – 93% off

Although it is tough to ignore some of these games but in case you want more options, there is a list of 13 games that have been put up on discount at the Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale since February 18 and you can get them any time before February 25.

The last and final Beta Event is programmed on The Elder Scrolls Online

There are the email invitations that have freshly been sent for the last beta occasion of The Elder Scrolls Online. The big scale event is to take place on Friday, the 14th of March at 5PM GMT and it is to be finished on the 17th of March at 3:59 AM GMT. The gamers that have already joined at the game last time can run from the point in which they saved last. On the other hand, the beginners will have to move via a re-functioned preliminary experience. If the players do have the beta installed last week, they need to have a fast patch. And the game will not let them move into a download of 30GB. The online virtual currency sellers offer Elder Scrolls Online gold to the players that prefer gaining a good experience from the very beginning of the game.


The NDA, Non-Disclosure Agreement has finished. Therefore, the players can share and record the gameplay so far they like to do for all online. There is to be some beta stream broadcasting. It is better to extend an eye when you are keen to get accustomed to the game. This beta event is your last option before The Elder Scrolls Online releases entirely. As a beta participant, the players can post the screenshots, impressions, videos. And then you are to make live your adventures for everybody. However, you need to be certain to use the #esobeta tag while sharing your preferred moments with the rest of the world. The participant this weekend will have an exclusive monkey vanity pet for Mac or PC to be available at release. Moreover, in the beta stage, the players will have the option of finding out the Imperial Edition as well s the Explorer’s Pack of the game. It also includes the additional packs. As TESO is unveiling its curtain through this last beta event, the gamers around the world can focus on Cheap ESO gold online as they can level up their characters in the very beginning with the advanced gears, armors and weapons.


Things to know regarding The Elder Scrolls Online


Every player is pretty thrilled regarding the impending Elder Scrolls Online since it appears amazingly. However, there are some features of the game that can be contradicting to the most seasoned Dragonborn. What is the exactness? How much can I disburse for it? Most-significantly, it is to think when he or she can start playing it. Dan Dawkins of CVG places the instruction that makes you interpret the foundations of ESO. There are some more details regarding the plot along with the general gameplay. The good information is that there is no introduction of micro-transactions. The player is still in Tamriel and it certainly makes you feel like a conventional Elder Scrolls Game. The negative edge is that there is a nasty Daedric Prince called as Molag BAL as it makes the life really hard and difficult. Perhaps it is a part of amusement. Engross yourself in The Elder Scrolls Online with ESO gold online.

Brazilian-born but based in the offices of EA in Vancouver

Brazilian-born but based in the offices of EA in Vancouver, buy fut 14 coins Gilliard is a reference in the study for their work in the recreation of the atmosphere , as in real matches worldwide . He has contributed decisively to the quality and authenticity of the game and these are some of their responses.

Uriel Waizel : In some games there is the FIFA team of legendary players in the Classic Teams. Here you can play with Zico, Beckenbauer and Hugo Sánchez , among others. Is there an Easter Egg on this occasion?

Gilliard Lopes : Using the catalog of EA Sports Football can unlock equipment, balls and uniforms. And there will be some classic teams . We have leveraged our partnership with Adidas to build it : players are classic equipment found in previous editions of FIFA , but there will be new faces who had not appeared in the game. Players will earn coins , and unlock these teams play to discover .

UW : Are there teams with all-stars of the past and full national teams ?

EA_GILLIARD_LOPES_02GL : National teams ( of this drink ) we have them all [laughs ] . And teams of all-stars take their players in the history of the World Cup .

UW : That would be a million dollar idea to play with classic teams : Brazil 1970 , Argentina 1978 , Italy 1982 …

How to buy the Cheapest Wow Gold

How to buy the Cheapest Wow Gold

In buy to continue wow activity, the most necessary factor that the players need is the gold. Whichever level are the players in, they will be able to find that they are lacking of the Arena of World of warcraft gold. Especially in low level, you need gold to secure you from attracting by fantastic animals. If you cannot secure your figures, you may be killed by the attacker.

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